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We have built exterior brick garden walls in Wirral, Chester & Liverpool for over 50 years for a myriad of purposes. You may need a garden wall built to support Victorian wrought iron railings. There are hundreds of types of brick to construct a wall from. We can also render any external wall to give a smooth finish. Render can be painted any colour and as the bricks underneath won’t be seen, cheaper engineering bricks can be used to build the wall itself. We can build pretty much any type of brick wall from any type of brick.

Even difficult patterns and curved edges. A brick wall surrounding a raised lawn looks fantastic, providing the finishing touch to a beautifully Landscaped garden. Garden and boundary walls should be inspected from time to time to see if any repairs are necessary or whether a wall needs re-building. The building regulations do not apply to the construction of freestanding garden walls, unless it acts as a retaining wall. Such walls are among the most common forms of masonry to suffer collapse and they are, unfortunately, one of the commonest causes of death by falling masonry.

Wirral Brickwork Contractors provide free quotations for building garden walls Wirral & the surrounding areas.

Your insurances may not cover you if the wall has been neglected. Beside the general deterioration and ageing of a masonry wall over the years walls may be affected by: 

Changes leading to a greater risk of damage from traffic vibration

An increased wind load or driving rain if a nearby building is taken down or a protective tree screen removed

Felling of nearby mature trees or planting of new trees close to the wall

Alterations and additions to the wall or removal of part of the wall eg. for a new gateway

Things to check for when inspecting Garden Walls Wirral

Is the surface of the brickwork crumbling away? If restricted to a few bricks this may not be serious but walls can be weakened by general crumbling across either face.

Is the mortar pointing in good condition? If the hard surface layer can be picked out from the joint or if the mortar can easily be scraped out by say, a door key, then this is a good indication that it may need repointing.

Is there a tree near the wall? As trees mature there is a risk of the wall being damaged by the roots and from windblown branches. Damaged sections may have to be re-built perhaps with bridges incorporated to carry the wall over the roots. The removal of large trees can also lead to problems because the soil accumulates more moisture and expand.

Is the wall upright? Walls lean for a variety of reasons, due for example to failure below ground caused by tree roots, a cracked drain, frost damage to the foundations or inadequate foundations in the first place. If your wall leans to such an extent that it could present danger, it is recommended that expert advice is sought. This may involve the checking of the wall foundations.

if you think you may have a problem with your walls contact our team of Wirral bricklayers and we can call out and inspect your walls.

Wirral Brickwork Contractors provide free quotations for building garden walls Wirral & the surrounding areas.

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